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The itchy pet - Allergies

Many dogs and cats suffer from allergies. It can be a very irritating and painful condition for your animal, and a very frustrating one for you, as their owner. Allergies come in four broad categories: parasite, contact, food or ‘atopy.’ Humans show allergies with running eyes or snotty noses; however, dogs usually show intense itching - which can be seen as scratching, licking, chewing, rubbing or rolling or as hair loss, skin colour changes, bleeding or discharge. Occasionally, your pet might show other symptoms including redness of their eyes, head shaking, ear flicking or facial swelling.

Animals become intensely itchy when their allergies flare and they can cause serious damage to their skin, ears and eyes as a result. 

Treatment looks at a combination of topical (shampoo, cream), diet supplementation (omega 3), diet augmentation (elimination), antibiotics, antifungals and anti-inflammatories to improve the comfort of your pet.

There are also two fantastic new medications used by our veterinarians to tackle allergies in dogs and cats. 

If you are concerned with your pets itching or scratching behaviour, or notice any sores, hair loss, redness, bleeding, discharge or colour changes to your pets’ skin, eyes or ears – call us to see one of our lovely veterinarians. We only want your pet to be comfortable.

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